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Neurosurgery Clinic

House Clinic & PIH Health

The renowned House Clinic is now a part of PIH Health, an integrated healthcare delivery network serving Los Angeles and Orange counties. You can trust the same highly trained expert medical team that has been serving the Los Angeles area for over 75 years.

We look forward to caring for you.

The House Neurosurgery Clinic provides comprehensive, tertiary-level neurosurgical care for the treatment of acoustic neuroma and other complex neurosurgical disorders.

Our Featured Neurosurgery Procedures

Acoustic Neuroma Center

Acoustic Neuromas are the most common benign tumors of the cerebellopontine angle, and their treatment was pioneered at House Clinic.

Brain Surgery

We create individualized brain surgery treatment plans for a wide variety of disorders and conditions. 

Spinal Surgery

We offer complete, personalized spinal surgery to treat any disorder that affects the nervous system.

Stereotactic Radiosurgery

The minimally invasive procedure treats functional abnormalities and small tumors of the brain.

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