Allergy is a condition caused by an inappropriate immune response to a substance either inhaled or eaten that would normally be considered harmless to individuals. As a result of that reaction, inflammatory chemicals are released into the bloodstream that can cause the unwanted symptoms of allergy. Common symptoms of allergy may include: nasal congestion, runny nose, itching, sneezing, ear fullness, skin rash, asthma, and sometimes fluid behind the eardrums. Allergy is also felt to be a contributing factor in some patients with Meniere’s disease and/or other inflammatory types of hearing loss such as cochlear hydrops, or autoimmune inner ear disease.

The treatment of allergy can vary from environmental avoidance, to appropriate medications such as antihistamines, prescription nasal spray, and decongestants for those patients who have mild/moderate or very seasonal symptoms. For those symptoms that are more moderate to severe, present throughout a significant part of the year, or do not respond well to avoidance or medical therapy, testing for allergies may provide other effective forms of treatment, such as allergy immunotherapy (shots) and/or an elimination diet for diagnosed food allergies.

The House Ear Clinic has had an Allergy Department in existence for well over 60 years. The clinic is able to offer diagnostic testing and treatment for inhalant and food allergies. We have provided effective and successful treatment for patients from all over the United States and outside of the U.S.