Neurotology Clinical Fellowship

The neurotology lateral skull base surgery program at House Clinic provides advanced education beyond that afforded in the otolaryngology residency in the diagnosis and management of disorders of the temporal bone, lateral skull base, and related anatomical structures. Surgery of the lateral skull base that involves the mesial aspect of the dura or intradural structure requires the joint effort of a neurotology and neurological surgery team. A 24-month educational program ensures that concentrated time is available for the neurotology fellow to develop advanced diagnostic expertise and advanced medical and surgical management skills for the care of diseases and disorders of the petrous apex, infratemporal fossa, internal auditory canals, cranial nerves (e.g., vestibular nerve section and joint neurosurgical-neurotological resection of intradural VIII nerve tumors), and lateral skull base, including the occipital bone, sphenoid bone, and temporal bone. This advanced education is required so that the neurotology fellow may develop expertise with extradural skull base approaches. The fellow will learn to manage postoperative care of lateral skull base surgery patients. This advanced education is necessary for fellows to gain expertise in the joint collaborative management of patients undergoing lateral skull base surgery. The program will also permit exposure to new research opportunities and time to explore new research ideas.

Each year between thirty and forty physicians apply to the Fellowship Program under the direction of William H. Slattery, M.D. Two applicants are selected each year and spend two years studying with the otologists of the House Clinic. This program is accredited by the ACGME and allows the individual who finishes the fellowship to apply for board certification in neurotology.

In order to qualify, applicants need to meet certain criteria:

  • Completion of residency in Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery
  • Graduate in the top third of class
  • Past participation in hearing disorders related research
  • Current and valid California medical license*

*The two-year program requires current and valid California medical license, post match after acceptance to the Clinical Fellowship Program. Fellows actively participate in the care of Neurotology patients and assist the House Ear Clinic physicians in the management of complex neurotologic disorders.

Contact Information:
William H. Slattery, M.D.
Director, Neurotology Fellowship Program
2100 W. Third St. #111
Los Angeles, CA 90057
(213) 483-9930